Help Catarina Santos to walk again

How to HELP


The raised funds will primarily support the direct costs of Catarina's physical rehabilitation. In particular, operations, hospitalizations, medication and physiotherapy sessions.

Wire TransferPaypal Transfer

NIB: 0018 0000 5385 6692 0207 2

IBAN: PT50 0018 0000 5385 6692 0207 2

Holder: Maria de Lurdes Manilhas Sousa *

* Being a minor, Catarina would only gain access to the raised funds once she became of age, at 18 years old. Therefore, the account holder is her mother.

Caps Recycling

Through collecting and recycling plastic caps, it is possible to get orthopedic appliances which meet Catarina's specific needs.

If you are based in Portugal, please check if there is a Caps Collection Locations near you. If you want to collaborate in collecting or delivering caps in the designated points or if you have any questions about the whole process, please contact us!

Please, try to carry the caps in plastic bags. Transportation in bottles requires manual removal of all caps for screening and processing.

Until the beginning of 2015 we managed to collect about 13 tons of caps. Thank you to all who have collaborated!


There have been several fund raising events to support Catarina's recovery.

The initiatives have come from all sort of private areas, from sport group classes, to lunch or dinner events and other types of gathering.

If you want to contribute by organizing an event, we are completely open towards your good will! Contact us!

Check out our Facebook Events page, stay tuned for our latest events and join us.


Although we have some volunteers committed to this cause, we welcome all who want to channel their time and energy to help Catarina!

Even though Catarina lives in Portugal, we urge anyone abroad who is willing to help us, to step forward.

Any help in this cause or participation in events is welcome!